In 9-2 Parts screen, when changing the Default Cost, remove the default pop up of "You have changed the Default Cost. Do you want the Billing Amount updated to xx.xxxxxx?" xx.xxxxxx representing the Default Cost that was entered. Currently this is defaulted to "Yes", so if you accidentally enter through it you are now selling products at cost. Ideally this would pop up asking if you want to change the price based on the "Markup %" defined, but still default to no just in case you are not wanting to change the price automatically based on cost. Additionally have the "Last Updated" field default to the date that the Default Cost was updated vs having to manually key in the date for the update.


  • I did discover that if the Markup% is blank it defaults to the same cost as the billing amount, but there are several reasons for the markup percentage to be blank. If we could at least get it to default to "No" this would prevent someone from accidentally changing a profit margin to 0.

  • The billing amount only works for Service Receivables so if you don't use that module it won't make a difference if there is something in that field or not. But asking SAGE to change the default to No would be an issue for all the SR users so they are not going to do this.