Sage doesn't seem to really work with the Service module well. Every time I work with tech support they're always floundering when it comes to the service work orders. One example I've brought up a couple times with tech support is: when you enter payroll records you enter the WO # first then the job # defaults. But when you enter A/P invoices there's no way to enter the WO# first and then the job # defaults so you have to look up the job # every time you enter an invoice with a Work Order #. I've had to set up different job numbers for work orders to deal with different states and their tax obligations.


  • On 4-2 Payable Invoice/Credits, skip entering a job number on the 4-2 screen, when you get to Job Costs, enter your work order # then hit F6. It will jump to that WO and you can see the job # to enter.