I know the system allows making either field mandatory by pressing F7, but it doesn't appear to permit an OR condition that requires either a Subcontract or Purchases Order if the Job field is filled. For example, if I make Subcontract # mandatory, on a different invoice that we're purchasing material only from a supplier (Purchase Order), the system would presumably require a Subcontract # for the material supplier, which would not be correct.

If the last condition, requiring a Subcontract or Order # only of Job is filled, then I still think requiring it one or the other without Job being filled is beneficial.


  • I agree. I agree! Sage did recently add a check box under the vendor 4-4 profile that you can check if you require a Subcontract #. This way you can check the vendors that are usually under subcontract without getting the popup of material vendors. At lease this gets a bit closer, but Sage has not done a good job with this. I've been requesting this update for about 15 years.