It would be helpful if within the 4-7-6 grid you allow adding a line. Sometimes the CC reconciliation is not completed, but upon viewing a statement, if in agreement with the charges listed we may move forward to make a payment for the statement balance.

When all charges have not been entered, sometimes one of the cardholders may show a balance on the statement, but Sage does not allow a person the ability to add a line to the grid to add that cardholders amount 'to pay'. Interesting, because we are able to pay MORE than the reconciled balance for a cardholder that shows a balance, but since payments are often remitted to the bank before the reconciliation is completed, it would be helpful to allow adding a line in the grid for the cardholder whose charges have not yet been entered so that when the reconciliation is complete, everything is in balance.

The way it is set up currently, we are unable to record the payment until all charges have been entered. Not good.