Add a column for lock Ext (sell) price in all takeoff grid lines, Bid Items, Phases and complete Takeoff to allow Lock Ext (sell) Price
Purpose: when production trades for developers like siding, interior trim, etc. negotiate a bid price for a model / options / elevations, the SELL price is fixed for a period of time or for all units in the project development.
Locking Ext (sell) price allows updates to cost prices from vendors without affecting negotiated bid price on future jobs as models are selected and built.
Updating cost prices allows for cost increase from vendors, and lets accurate budgets be created without afecting sell price on the job as bid is fixed.
No “back-calculating” OH or profit percent is needed. Just the ability to lock sell price. If any back-calculation can be done – it only needs to be on profit as OH can be assumed to be the same – so back calculate would only reflect lost / increase profit percent / dollars.