The following information comes from SAGE HELP. However after various testing, the cost code list by job does NOT include cost codes that have been added to the job via a CHANGE ORDER. Can you please add that?

I realize that you can control the coding from an invoice against a PO or subcontract by using the "auto cost" feature. But we need to be able to see what cost codes have a new budget due to change orders for other vendors.

Filtering searches for cost codes by job and phase
When you search for cost codes in a lookup window, you can apply filters to include only the cost codes that pertain to a specific job and phase or you can display all the cost codes you use for your company. A filtered search is very efficient, especially if your company has a large number of cost codes and you are interested only in cost codes for a particular job.

You can use three types of filters to search for cost codes:




When searching for cost codes, the filters that are available depend on the structure of the job and budget:

If a job has a budget, you can select a filter.
If the job has a budget but no phases, you cannot filter by Job/Phase.
If the job has no budget at all, no filter is available.
If you set up a job with phases, and each phase has a budget, the search yields only cost codes included in the budget for that job and phase. If the job has a budget but no phases, the search yields only the cost codes for the job. If there is no budget, the resulting list includes all the cost codes in your company database.

Filtering rules also apply to cost divisions. If the budget has no cost codes for site work and you select the site work division, the search yields no results. To see the site work cost codes, you must switch the filter to All .