There is a "communication glitch" between 7-5 scheduled reports and Adobe or pdf reports that we discovered when scheduling the 6-1-7-31 Over/Under Billings report to email to our Project Managers weekly. This report is a non-modifiable report that displays in Legal/Landscape. Previewing the report using the System Form, all columns are present and the report displays correctly. However when scheduling the report to email, the recipient recieves a report in pdf that has the last 4 columns missing or cut-off.

To try to resolve, we modified the FORM and adjusted the margin settings. Many different changes were tried, paper size was verified, but nothing works to receive the pdf with all columns present as shown in the preview.

It appears to work fine if emailing the report directly. Something is not in sync with "Task Writer" and Sage.

Since this report is full of excellent information, and since Sage offers the ability to schedule reports automatically, it would be great if someone in programming could mend the missing link for this legal/land report. Thank-you in advance!