First of all, let me be a name dropper and say David Clouse thinks this is a FABULOUS idea, and wonders why someone has not thought of it before.

More and more customers are asking for electronic copies of their invoices.

We can do it currently in Sage by printing to PDF and enter where 'customer' = or 'invoice =' for every invoice. We can do it in Adobe by opening the output batch PDF file and saving page 1 to invoice1, pages 2 and 3 to invoice 2, etc., for every invoice. This is error prone and very time-consuming.

What would be amazing would be to print out a batch of invoices and have the option to print out individual invoices with the output file name of 'invoice#'.pdf, or 'order#'.pdf. This would save us a tremendous amount of time.

Sales would benefit because they are order-centric, accounting would benefit because they are payment-specific. It would greatly streamline our interior processes, give us an easy way to print out or look up historical data, and save a tremendous amount of time and paper.