Would like to show the amounts that are being deposited on employees separate accounts on payroll stub. Also need to be able to mask all but last 4 numbers of account number. I have an employee who has 25$ per ck go to a savings account and the remainder of check goes to regular account. Also need to be able to have employees who have a per hour amount be able to see what the total deposit would be. Currently employees who deposit to more that one account do not get a separate paystub that says anything about a deposit to that account. When you print the paystub you only see net pay of check. It would be nice to see the following -

Account XXXXXXX1234 $(selected amount)
Account XXXXXXX1111 $(remainder of ck amt)

I tried to modify the direct deposit pay stub report but cant get the info I want. I got the account # on it but cant get it masked. I cant get it to pull amounts from payroll file.