This will satisfy our CPA's requirement to not affect AR postings and reporting for previous GL periods but still allow us to adjust contract billings due to last-minute client requests.

This enhancement request is submitted on behalf of:
Registration name: Sanco Pipelines
Sage client ID: 4000023579
Point of contact: Joel Drexel


  • This would be a huge help but part of the problem, I think, is that if line items are moved/adjusted in 3-7, reversing an application would lead to problems with which line items does sage credit.

    Our workaround is creating a negative 3-7 application in the current period but it's not easy or one-click.

    In my opinion, 3-7 needs to be revamped to be it's own thing not tied to 3-2 Receivables. Maybe add the ability to lock line items so users can't zero them out or override them.