In MRP, make entry of projected demand more intuitive and like a spreadsheet


  • I built a FileMaker front end that accepts monthly Sales Demand data and distributes it into the weekly buckets for weekly MRP. The tool generates a csv file that is imported into MAS (PM2_ProjectedDemands), which eliminated manual projected demand maintenance in MAS entirely. By doing this, we eliminated a requirement for a master scheduler (task is under 30 minutes a week and always accurate), and reduced inventory significantly (>50%) via weekly vs. monthly MRP, which also Enabled detailed left to sell for sales admin.

  • The user interface for Maintain Projected Demands is now in a grid format and will be easier to use.
    Inventory Requirements Planning will be released in 2022 product update 1 which is scheduled to be released in June 2022, and replaces Materials Requirement Planning.
    Note: Not all features that are available in MRP have been added to IRP. These features will be added in the 2023 release, scheduled for April 2023. (IRP does include Maintain Projected Demands)