Why are customers paying maintenance for MRP if they ultimately aren't going to get an updated module? The modules need to be consistent.


  • MRP is a critical part of manufacturing. You can do manufacturing without work order (at least in our case), but you can't do manufacturing without MRP to guide your odering. It's a very simple module that doesn't seem like it would be hard to bring into the new framework. If you're not going to maintain MRP, you might as well dump Bill of Materials and become a basic distribution accounting system and lower--basically a Quickbooks competitor that is way overpriced. Our Company will have to find an entirely new solution if MRP is not brought current.

  • If the MRP reports were in the business framework, then the "Unneeded" Action Items could be filtered out. Until then, how about a reporting parameter option to filter them out? On a framework report, one could also subtotal the quantities in the "Sugg Ord / Make Qty" column by week or month, depending on how often orders are placed. (No calculators required!) Want to really make your customers do cartwheels? Add the ability to Auto Generate PO's from MRP for "Buy" Procurement Type items with an MRP suggested "Action" of "Order" AND the ability to Auto Generate WO's from MRP for "Make" Procurement type items with an MRP suggested "Action" of "Make". The Primary Vendor and Cost could be pulled in (Last Cost for Lot/Serial and FIFO/LIFO Valuation Items and Standard Cost for Standard Cost and Average Cost Valuation Items). Since PO's can have a Required Date for each line item, this can be pulled in from the "Required By Date" for each line item on the MRP Report and the PO document date can be pulled in from the "Action By Date" on the MRP Report. You could add the ability to group PO's by a range of "Action By Date"(s) so that just one PO per vendor is generated each week. WO's could also be combined by week by selecting a date range of "Action By Date"(s). The single WO "Current Due Date" could be the earliest MRP "Req Date" in the range selected, and the WO "Scheduled Release Date" can be calculated backward, based on Lead Times. Sometimes I just sit and think, and sometimes I just sit. :-)

  • I was able to create a very powerful Sage Intelligence Report for MRP Reporting. It addresses a lot of the shortcomings of the MRP report on the menu. steve.pavell@mcgladrey.com

  • Inventory Requirements Planning will be released in 2022 product update 1 which is scheduled to be released in June 2022, and replaces Materials Requirement Planning.
    Note: Not all features that are available in MRP have been added to IRP. These features will be added in the 2023 release, scheduled for April 2023. (IRP does include Maintain Projected Demands)