I can't fit the full vendor company name in the vendor name field for about 25% of our vedors. It look unprofessional to send inovices and correspondence to vendors with their company names all hacked up. Often the "LLC, "Corp", etc. at the end of the company name gets chopped off and it's nice to see those appendages for all vendors when 1099 time comes around.


  • The same could be said for customer names, especially international customers. More businesses today are doing business globally, not locally.

  • Yeah, half of my checks go out with only a portion of the vendors name on it. One vendor sent the check back and said their bank wouldn't take it.

  • Inceasing the length would be very benificial, from 30 to 40 characters. In the meantime if you are not using the Address1 Field, you can finish the vendor name down there and modify the check form to combine the two fields when printing.

  • I agree, many fields in MAS90 are way undersized. I'm sure this is from the old days of DB limitations and file size. I would really like Sage to think outside the box when they create DB fields and set the size to something no one would every need.

  • Vendors in China can not cash a check if the name is not EXACTLY correct. I've modified my check form to print specific company names based on specific vendor numbers. We need a longer vendor name field.

  • I agree

  • Or better yet, make the field size modifiable by the customer.

  • How about creating a UDF for the name extension?

  • The Vendor Name field is planned on being expanded to 50 characters in Sage 100 ERP version 2015 (5.2)