All other modules are at the great new framework, so when will these be added?


  • When are you going put MRP & Work Order on the new framework!!!

  • Never ...

  • See this link already out there:

  • See this link for W/O already out there:

  • No comments, response from Sage regarding WO, as usual.
    Can someone tell me please why I'm paying maintenance for a module that is clearly no longer supported by Sage????
    When was the last time ANY hot fixes or updates were made to the WO module?
    Sage has NO BUSINESS selling this product if they have no intention of supporting it and/or improving it.

  • Production Management was released in version 2022 on April 18, 2022 and replaces the Work Order module. Inventory Requirements Planning will be released in 2022 product update 1 which is scheduled to be released in June 2022, and replaces Materials Requirement Planning.
    Note: Not all features that are available in MRP have been added to IRP. These features will be added in the 2023 release, scheduled for April 2023. (IRP does include Maintain Projected Demands)