Healthcare Staffing according to Staffing Industry Analysts report an increase in growth over the next 6 years by 14th percent. Many small start up and new healthcare staffing firms are constantly finding ways to make placements whether you are working a candidate scarce modality or job scare modality. The challenges are many but the ultimate goal in contingent staffing and recruiting is to make placement at a decent margin. How does an agency go about doing that these days with technology trends increasingly guiding the industry growth. The infrastructure has changed for the agencie are profiting and making it big. Sage has the capability of creating a product/program/solution that encompasses everything from cold calling, social media, job postings, referal generation, database leads, insurances acquired,web based phone system, and many other resources to get start up healthcare staffing agency everything it needs to focus on recruiting and making placements. SAGE will have a payroll funding, website developer, mobile app developer, job posting progam, databases, Templates for Internal and Temporary Personnel Use, Logo and Branding Campaign to launch, HR, Compliance, Joint Commission preparation, Credentialing, Social Media implementation, Job Boards, Skills Checklists, Job descriptions. Back office and Front Office capabilities, Robust easy to use Applicant Tracking System and CRM, payroll, Recruiter Deskspace for Productivity monitoring, sector diversification for private, government, federal contracts, accounting strategies to avoid costly insurance and workers compensation insurance, State based laws on temporary personnel integrated into each functionality, paperless everything, cloud, marketing, and a lot more I could go on for days but this is the start. SAGE has everything a la carte when a package of everything can be included to streamline the entire process for the entrepreneurial recruiter to focus on what he or she does best, making placements. Sage can brand a new system process product that takes all the necessary distractions from get people to work on a temporary basis with a decent profit margin.