Need to be able to post a previous months invoice in next month without having to change the invoice date. Right now, when I have a December 2014 invoice when posting it in January, I have to give it a January date because it will not compile accurately between the A/P report and the Trial Balance.


  • YES!!!

  • DATES!!! It would be lovely if Sage knew (or at least asked) the month I would like to post invoices in. Often, I am working in the previous month; this becomes a problem when I go to POST invoices. When entering invoices in July, with July dates - why does the system allow you to POST them in August?? There should be a stop with a question: Would you like to post these in the current month? Then you would stop and question yourself. I can't tell you how many times I have Posted entries from one month into the next. And the process for reversing them...don't get me started