Modification to MRP to use Maximum Stock Reorder Method when making reorder/make recommendations as it does on the Inventory Reorder Report. Currently MRP only recommends reorder/make quantities up to the Reorder Point and ignores the Maximum Stock Level quantities. Therefore, the end user must use both MRP and the Inventory Reorder Report to keep stock levels correct.

Ex. Item A has QTY OH of 5, Reorder Pt of 10 and Max Stock Level of 25. MRP would recommend reordering 5 to get back to the reorder point but the inventory reorder report would recommend 20, to get to the max stock level..


  • This functionality will be available in Inventory Requirements Planning.

    Inventory Requirements Planning will be released in 2022 product update 1 which is scheduled to be released in June 2022, and replaces Materials Requirement Planning.
    Note: Not all features that are available in MRP have been added to IRP. These features will be added in the 2023 release, scheduled for April 2023. (IRP does include Maintain Projected Demands)