Enter cash receipt into AR as a prepayment. Allow a link from Order entry to view & select unallocated cash. When the invoice prints, the invoice reflects the true balance which includes the prepayment. We have a high volume of credit card payments which is causing duplicate payments when invoices are emailed or upset customers that call said they already paid. It would save time with the ability to select at time of order entry and prevent duplicate customer payments along with having to later match prepayments AFTER the invoice is posted. The enhancement would also satisfy our customers needs of an accurate invoice


  • Currently, the process for a prepayment is to 1) enter the amount directly to the Customer Deposit account in Cash Receipts, and 2) put the same amount on the Deposit total on the Total tab of the order. This will make your invoice total come out correctly and will also hit Bank Rec.

  • The current process works, but has very little reconciliation ability. It also provides zero visibility for customer service/sales staff of a prepayment on an order other than what someone types into the prepayment amount field in SO entry. You can type anything in there you want, even if no prepayment has been made. If a customer has prepaid on their account, that amount should be fully visible and print on their statements as well.

  • This would be helpful for us, as sometimes we have recurring customers who pay a set amount toward their invoices and tell us to use it until it's gone. It kind of defeats the purpose of accounting software if we have to keep a separate record of the amount left. We've also had customers pay the wrong amount and it would be nice to allow the remainder to just apply as credit to the customer's account.