The Chilkatlog error displayed during an Electronic Delivery failure is too large and cannot be copied to text file. The entire log fills up an error window that covers more than the entire screen, so only a middle portion of the log is displayed.

The crucial error information that would indicate what the problem is, is therefore unavailable and hidden.

The only workaround possible to view the full Chilkatlog error (if the error is persistent and is not related to e-mail attachments) is to try to send a Test E-mail from Library Master, Main menu, Company Maintenance, on the E-mail tab. If an error is generated there, the text of the error can be scrolled and even copied (via click+drag, then copy to paste in NotePad).


  • Not only is the log only partially viewable - when usually the actual error is much further down - it cannot be copied and pasted en masse, as one can with an error that occurs during Test e-mailing from Company Maintenance, E-mail tab. Many errors only occur doing actual Electronic Delivery, not during tests. This makes finding the actual problem difficult.

  • The enhancement request would be to NOT dump a Chilkatlog error into an error window that does not allow for scrolling nor for copy and paste.

  • My problem is that test emails will send properly but emails fail when emailing AR invoices. So the only workaround for this problem doesn't help.