Credit Card and ACH Settlement Report is missing the settlement date and it sorts by the settlement ID.
It needs to be able to sort by the settlement date also.

The settlement date needs to be added to AR_CreditCardSettlementWrk. When the report is run the settlement date is "grabbed" from Paya, but does not populate a field in the Wrk file. If you run this report by date range, the sorting is by the settlement code. Settlement codes are not chronological. So running this report for a whole month is in random settlement date order.

Also, this report does not contain the CustomerNo, BillToName or CardHolderName. The source for these are in SO_SalesOrderHeader and SO_SalesOrderPayment, etc. These 3 can be added via customizing the Crystal Report. However, they should also be added to AR_CreditCardSettlementWrk for ease of use.