The calculation in Item Maintenance/Item Inquiry for the On Bk Ord column requires the quantity in SO to be on an order type "Back Order" & also be in the Back Ordered column on the Lines. Have the option to allow these quantities to be included from Standard Orders. If the order is only 1 line item it will never move to a Back Order order type & it continues to reduce the Available column when looking at the item. If its back ordered on the line in SO it should calculate into this field regardless if its a Standard or Back Order order type.


  • Agreed. Since the software lets you backorder a quantity during order entry on a standard sales order, it should include that in their quantity on backorder column. Whether you have shipped against the order yet or not, if you have a quantity in the backordered field, then it's a backordered quantity! To be accurate, that should be included in the quantity on backorder, not the quantity on order.