The 'Total Direct Deposit' YTD amount pulled into the DD Stub resets the date the P/R module is closed, it is not reset when the calendar changes: the Total Direct Deposit YTD cell will keep accumulating until the P/R module is closed for the year. All other fields on the DD Stub show calendar year amounts: Gross Earnings, Taxes deducted, etc. and resets with the first payroll of the new year, in other words: calendar driven, EXCEPT for this one field.

For example, an employee who has drawn payroll each week of the year, showing Net Earnings of $1,000 per week will show Total Direct Deposit' YTD of $52,000 on December 31. If the P/R module is not closed before the first payroll of the new year is run, this one field keeps accumulating on top of what was already accumulated. The YTD Net Earnings will reset to 0, the first payroll will generate a Net Earnings YTD of $1000, but this field will show $53,000 and continue to accumulate until the P/R module is closed for the year.

Why does this one field on the DD Stub reset from another factor than any other field on the form? I am sure this field is used to show how much has been direct deposited for that account for that employee, and that may be valuable information, but for the accumulators to reset when the P/R module is closed forces us to close the P/R module before we are ready...and BTW renders useless the idea whole premise behind the "Real Time" postings.