All distributors would want this in addition to fulfillment companies. There is more and more drop ship happening due to COVID 19.

Standard accounting and operations look at costs regardless if drop shipped or shipped from warehouse. This is a major flaw in the system.

Just because an Order is a Drop Ship does not mean that costs and history is not important for sales analysis by Customer and Product Line. Viewing quantities and determining profit and also in some instances sales commission. The costs are not updated in the inventory module. This is a major flaw in the system, primarily with distributors and more importantly with the changes in drop ship due to COVID 19.

To stay competitive with Inventory - this is not a maybe but a must. I have had clients use an alternative warehouse for drop ship, which turns into a major disaster on accurate inventory.


  • Also due to the tariff problems we are currently experiencing. This is our #1 pain point with Sage 100. Everything else works great for us.

  • Any ideas for using this function properly?

  • DSD has a nice enhancement that allows you to setup a DS warehouse. When doing DS through this Warehouse you have visability of the transaction in IM. Plus you can control the cost of the item on the SO Detail Line like a regular DS. Also if you update the cost on the PO, it writes back to the Sales Order if it hasn't been invoiced yet. The only grip I have is it would be nice to prevent the Sales Order from being invoiced until the Item on the Purchase Order has been invoiced and updated. This would enforce the integrity of the unit cost used to post to COGS. Plus this method makes it easier to report margins.