It would be nice to be able to search within a field. For instance when we give something a job name someone may key it in as ABC-Johnson field work. If I don't know they called it that I can't just search Johnson and have that come up. To be able to do that would be a game changer. Thanks!


  • The lookup on the Job No. field can be used to search. Any of the fields in the list can be searched on using search operands similar to what is available in report selections: Begins with, Ends with, Contains, etc. Choose the field in the Search drop box, choose the search operand and then the text to search.

    If there are other fields from the JC_Job table that you would want to search, you can use the customization options to add fields to the list.

    The most powerful search option is to choose *Full Text* from the Search field. This will then allow for searching for text anywhere in any of the columns in the list.

    In addition to searching, the lookups also offer the ability to print out or export to Excel the list detail.