When line unit cost is changed in a Receipt of Invoice, during posting the original PO unit cost is updated to the RoI value, causing business control issues when RoI data entry users don't have the authority to set PO prices.
We know this behavior is not new, but there should be an option to disable this function (through a PO module option).


  • "Feature" has been around since at least 1997 when I stumbled across it working as at a manufacturing company as their controller. While I understand the "feature", it can case a lot of negative thoughts. Having an option in PO set up would alleviate the frustrations. Should not have any GL impact as the PPV report is sufficient.

  • Absolutely nothing should change the Unit Cost in a PO without a User/Role allowing the change. There could be a plethora of reasons a Unit Cost would be more or less on a Receipt, none of which should change the backordered Unit Cost. Further, the PO Clearing Report should pull the Receipted Unit Cost, not the unreceived Unit Cost.