Please create a separate tab for 1099 information to expand on the 1099 detail. The Vendor name and address associated with a Vendor Number shouldn't need to be the 1099 name and address. It is becoming more frequent where the name on an invoice is not the 1099 name. AP entry becomes very time consuming when you are constantly looking up numbers or names because the name doesn't appear in the auto-fill suggested list. However, if the name is left alone, then the 1099 process takes extra time to adjust details in Aatrix. This would also almost eliminate the issue with 1099 information potentially over-riding Remit To details. Understanding how fields, and the software in general, flow is not something everyone understands or needs to.

Also, will be adding this as another suggestion but listing it here as well, include a "Not 1099 vendor" option under 1099 Vendor Type. Since the default is None, there is no way to cross-check and verify the vendor's W-9 has been received and confirmed.