Currently the system will create 2 PO's one for every line on Sales Order eventhough the vendor is the same. One PO can be created from the Auto Generate PO from SO in the PO module as long as the Sumnmarize drop Ship Lines is checked. This is a hassle as you create the sales order and then you have to go generate from SO the PO's in PO module and enter the SO you wish to create the PO for and you better ensure that you enter correct SO.

Either let one do it at time of creating sales order (most beneficial) or have a selection to only do it for drop ship SO on the settings screen of Autogenerate PO from SO.


  • Hi Avron , this already exists and we've used it daily for years.

    go to PO Module > Main>Autogenerate from Sales Orders > at the bottom click DEFAULT SETTINGS and checkmark summarize dropship lines by vendor. then it will "stick" and in then once we click accept in SO Entry and click yes to "autogenerate POs?" we get one PO as long as all line items on the SO had the same vendor set up in item maintance.

    It is strange however that these very powerful autogenerate settings are so hidden within sage. I think it deserves its own set up task.