After you print and electronically delivery invoices while in S/O Invoice Printing there is a window that pops up after the invoices are sent that gives very useless information (E-Mail Results [Number of Attempted E-Mails] [Number of Successful E-Mails] and Fax's as well if you still do that. It doesn't tell me what invoices were E-Mailed or Faxed and what ones were not.

That window needs to have an option I can click on and see a list showing what invoice was E-Mailed and what was not so I can easily look at or print a copy to see who I might need to snail mail a copy to. Something as simple as this format is beneficial enough.

Invoice # xxxxxxx Email Sent
Invoice # xxxxxxx Email Sent
Invoice # xxxxxxx No Email on File

Also helps to see that hey I should ask that company for an email so I can switch them to paperless too.