Currently there is no utility to mass remove SO lines. We sometimes have large batches of orders where a couple of items need to be removed, ie 100 orders. We then have to go open each order, find the item(s), delete the item(s), accept the order and then move on to the next order that needs surgery, in this case 99 more orders. It was huge time saver when Sage finally was able to allow VI for line changes. We realize this could be dangerous, which is why perhaps having SO-LineKey plus Item mandatory to validate against makes sense. An alternative would be Sage SO Line Delete Utility that filtered on Customer, SO Range, Item, and optional Comment Text field (which is where we put special handling item codes), and a separate Sage PO Line Delete Utility that filtered on Customer, PO Range, Item and optional Comment Text field.. Thanks very much for your consideration. NOTE: Deleted lines should still show up as X in the order history just as they do now..