We have 2 different clients who are running Sage 300 2018, and are crashing consistently between 60 and 90 minute intervals when processing large groups of A/P transactions.

The machines are not running out of RAM, but they are running out of handles. Here is a link to an article that describes the issue: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dsui_team/2013/04/23/debugging-a-gdi-resource-leak/

I was able to grab a screen shot of one of our clients in a 'crashed' state showing 9995 GDI Objects associated with the a4wcontainerXP.exe*32 object (the next highest count was accpac.exe at 601).

I also have ticket 8006350224 open on this as well.


  • Additional feedback from 1 of our clients who has done some great testing for us (she is referring to the GDI object count): "After we looked at the task manager stuff the next time it froze was 11:50, and the count on the container was an even 10,000. I deleted the container then. It froze again at 12:20, again it was an even 10,0000 and I cleared it. When I finished the run (maybe 20 minutes later or so) the count read 5,334. Then I did my quick check on the batch, which involves just arrowing backwards through the whole batch and glancing quickly at the data. At the end of that the count was 9260. There were a total of 170 invoices in the batch.
    Clearing the container is definitely the fastest fix yet, so it is already an improvement."