I can't believe this hasn't been addressed in over a year. Seems like a relatively minor revision. I'm sure many clients use International emails (as we do) and they can be quite lengthy. And even limiting to two is pretty restrictive. A major weakness in Sage 300, as lower-end software allows more flexibility.


  • Sage first promised this in 2002. Been requested every year since. Don't hold your breath.

  • This field currently has a length of 50, so another option may be to increase its length (e.g. 80). Multiple email addresses can be included in the e-mail field on the A/R Customers | Contacts tab, separated by a semi-colon (no spaces). However as previously stated, some email addresses are quite long.

  • We seriously need multiple email addresses per entity, with selection of which address to use for each document type.

  • this issue has been raised before and has 71 votes. Makes you wonder whether anyone from sage looks at this forum...

  • You can't use a semi colon when you have the Sage CRM integration. It produces an error. This seems more like a bug to me.