Since Sage 300 doesn't allow edit of invoice after posting, currently the only way we have figured out how to allocate the values of the invoice to that salesperson is to issue a credit and re-bill the customer. However, this is time consuming and error prone and makes for a mess on a customer's account if they have the original invoice in hand, but we have to re-bill it. Imagine a balance forward statement with internal rebills on it, just so our rep gets their appropriate commission payments.

It would be nice, if we could have a change salesrep(s) feature for already posted invoice and credits.
I know that there are more than a couple of tables that would need to be updated, but because this would be on a 'invoice or credit' only basis, and not across the entire database, it would be faster than the other change modules Sage already has for Sage 300 products.


  • This idea was posted in March 2020

  • Agree. Minor use but better to have it in a fool proof tool rather than direct table edits.
    Limit to ADMIN user or similar