Many users really like the e-mailing capabilities of Paperless Office. But the one constant that I hear from everyone is the lack of e-mail log to track when and to who the e-mail was sent to. One solution I suggest to them is to include their e-mail address as part of the to list. While this is a workable work around, they still would like a log where ALL e-mails can be tracked and monitored.


  • This is a great idea. Having one place where people can look to see the log, all in MAS 200, shares information versus keeping it in one person's email box.

  • Add read receipt ability as well

  • Receipt ability would be VERY helpful.

  • I would love to see a different email address per form setup under Paperless Office so we could track invoices emailed separately from POs emailed.

  • I want to note that a big challenge with confirmations and read receipts is that they are specific to e-mail systems. Not all systems have them nor use them (which is why, if you send e-mail from someone using Outlook to someone using Yahoo! Mail, you would not get a read receipt if they read the e-mail).

    Also, some users deliberately turn off the sending of read receipt capability (such as within Microsoft Outlook),often to avoid giving senders the impression that they read a piece of e-mail when in reality the user may have only had a three-page letter appear on their screen for less than a second while they were nagivating across a list of Subject lines to get another e-mail.

    Ideally the e-mail system acting as an SMTP server should keep their own logs.

    Just my two cents.

  • The ability to preview an e-mail before being sent would also be very helpful, because sometimes there is an old address or comment in there that the user is not aware of or has forgotten about.

  • In response to Paul C. our company uses a hosted email server so it is not always easy or time effient to get the logs from that server. I have to go ask our IT department to dial in and pull the report which depending on work load and other obligations, could take hours or days to get. When a simple click to a report would tell me if an e-mail went out to a particular client. I am all for the addition of this.

  • I also would like to be able to preview emails before sending, and even have the option to add to them, text and/or additional file attachments.

  • We have "solved" this by cc-ing the sales associate assigned to the customer in the paperless settings for each customer. We send all, or most anyway, of our invoices through paperless office each day as part of our invoice batch postings. Seems to work pretty well for us.

  • One of biggest challenges is confiring PO's with vendors. For every PO we send we must have confirmation that the vendor recieved the order. We are now added ourselves to the additional emails list and have set up outlook rules to sort into a unconfirmed PO folder.

  • It would be nice for the sent emails to show in the "Sent" folder in your Outlook email. This would make it easier to keep a log rather than having to CC yourself to all outgoing emails to have a log of sent messages.

  • Paperless office is a great feature, but unfortunately I don't think Sage thought this out very well. Many companies today do not host their own e-mails. They use 3rd parties to host for them and access their e-mails via IMAP or POP3 using an e-mail client like Outlook or Lotus. I agree with Lauren H. response that it is not convenient to contact your e-mail host to obtain log files. Paperless office should be designed to utilize the local e-mail client and send all e-mails from it so they show up in the sent folder.

  • How to track documents e-mailed?
    After a document is e-mailed i.e., invoices or purchases orders there is no way to know if it was sent, if the message was delivered, if it was returned, etc. Our current options are (a.) call the receiving party to confirm receipt, (b.) ask all vendors to confirm receipt of all PO, (c.) hope of the best. Outlook handles this effectively as do most fax machines.

  • I read this just as the title states "Paperless email log" and not so . Just a log that an email had been sent with log type information such as: sent date, send time, document type, email address. Some type of connector to outlook would need to be used to have true email tracking.

  • Please add the email address where the paperless office document was emailed to the current file AR_CustomerPDFLog.m4t. And, make this field available in the Paperless Office viewer.

  • A confirmation of the e-mails the statements and or invoices was sent to would be extremely helpful when switching to a paperless system. There is no reason to mail statements or invoices in this day and age, so a list of what e-mails address with the customer names/numbers should not be difficult

  • Clients always say what a pain it is to have to cc them self so they have a record of the emails.

  • Really need a BCC option

  • I have created a separate enhancement request regarding how the
    "Chilkatlog error log only partially displayed upon Paperless Electronic Delivery failure"...

  • Add support for Exchange Web Services. This would address many of the issues others here have listed. We have Office 365 with a shared mailbox for our communications with customers and another for communications with our vendors. These are email addresses that do not have accounts. Even to send from one of these shared mailboxes via smtp we need to enter the userID as\sharedmailboxaddress. There is a 30 character limit on the userID field so we can't do that. It is clear by the votes this request has that this a big pain point for many Sage users. SAGE, this needs to be upgraded.

  • I thought I heard this was in the sights of Sage Dev. I could have sworn someone (Linda Cade?) mentioned something about this at Summit in Chicago back in 2016. I was hoping this would be in the 2018 version but I'm guessing that is not so. Too bad, this would be a huge timesaver. I have to write a VI job to import an "Additional Email Address" into all the entities that send out emails, quite a pain but still a little better than manually going into 600 or so records.

  • My issue with Paperless Office relates more to Invoices that are slated to be emailed. When selecting Customer Viewer and a date range, I can identify which invoices were "sent." So far so good. Now the limitation - if I filter to only see invoices that were not "sent" I get a mix of invoices that were supposed to be emailed and invoices that were supposed to be printed. There isn't a filter option that shows ONLY those customers set for email distribution of invoices. If I highlight the list of invoices that were not "sent" and select the Email icon, it will email up to the point that one of the invoices was linked to a customer that receives a paper document. Then I have to start over - VERY time-consuing and a waste of my time. There should be a filter option to show customers who have the "email confirmation" option checked and valid email so I can just do a mass email of invoices that failed to email due to some network/email exchange event.

  • Would like to see the Add Receipt ability.

  • Read receipt with a log is a must for email communications.

  • Are there any changes to this request/idea now that Office 365 integration is available in Sage 100 2019?

  • In the 2021 Release, an Electronic Delivery Log has been added that will provide the most recent date and time that the document was sent, the user logon of the person who sent it, the status of the submission attempt, and the recipient's email or fax number.

    An Electronic Delivery Log button has been added to the following tasks:

    Customer Viewer
    Vendor Viewer
    Employee Viewer
    Journal and Register Viewer
    Period End Reports Viewer
    Report Viewer
    Select a document and then click this button to view

    Note: The Log will not provide tracking beyond the submission of an email to the SMTP server or the fax to the Fax Server, recording success or failure.