• Planned


    When are you going put MRP & Work Order on the new framework!!!

    All other modules are at the great new framework, so when will these be added?

  • Planned


    MRP Auto Generate Work Orders - provide user with control

    Provide a selection screen for Auto Generate Work Orders, similar to the AP check selection screen, where you can select all or use Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click to select ...

  • Planned


    MRP and Maximum Stock Level

    Modification to MRP to use Maximum Stock Reorder Method when making reorder/make recommendations as it does on the Inventory Reorder Report. Currently MRP only recommends ...

  • Planned


    In MRP, make entry of projected demand more intuitive and like a ...

    In MRP, make entry of projected demand more intuitive and like a spreadsheet

  • Planned


    Have MRP generate POs

    Add a utility to generate POs based on MRP's order recommendation.

  • Planned


    Bring MRP into the Business Framework.

    Why are customers paying maintenance for MRP if they ultimately aren't going to get an updated module? The modules need to be consistent.

  • Planned


    Ability to create tax payment checks.

    Add the ability to create tax payment checks for federal and state tax agencies and retain records of those payments for reporting purposes. Currently, you cannot create ...

  • Planned


    Ability to create A/P invoice from payroll

    It would be helpful to be able to automatically create an A/P invoice during the payroll update for the taxes, garnishments, etc. I have many clients requesting this as ...